“Mars Hill is fabulous music, great teaching, good food, creative, intentional, silly, fun. We’re so thankful that Mars Hill is a part of our community sharing the beautiful face of Jesus.”  Melinda Becker


“Mars Hill helped me see music as worship instead of something to listen and sing to.”  Amanda Novak


"Come on out for this! It's ALWAYS AWESOME!"  Jeremy Dean


"Had an awesome time this weekend with Mars Hill and praising God for showing his mercy and grace in my life.”  Dan Kyser


"So excited…  anointed speaker … a real burden for the youth. The band has always been HEAVEN SENT and enjoyed by everyone…  What a moving experience. God is all over those kids and they step out in faith without hesitation! Keep looking up! In His grip!!!!!!"  Sonja Jeanguenat-Gallahan


"We love playing for your awesome events! Love the presence of the Lord that is always there! Love the excitement for God on those young faces! Thanks for all you do!"  The Band, One Day Remains


“I've been praying for every event…  We love you guys and your ministry! God bless you BIG!!" Lola McDonald


“Such a great atmosphere for KG youth!" Carol Zorn


“Keep up the wonderful work in Him! It's a privilege to pray for the Mars Hill's ministry!” Carol Savage


"My first Mars Hill event has been awesome! Great anticipation waiting for the next!  Y'all missed a great event if you weren't there! It wasn't great because it was free! It was great because the presence of God ruled!"  Christal Ware


"SO EXCITED."  Angeleah Morawe


Had a good time at Mars Hill last night. Hope to bring a lot more teens next month!"  Jenny Jenkins