The Passion Behind Mars Hill Acts 17

Sadly, fewer youth are attending church and of those who do, many drop out as adults.  A primary focus of Mars Hill Acts 17 is to address this issue by creating in youth a passion for Jesus Christ that will last them all of their lives.  Even though our world can look gloomy in the daily news, Jesus Christ reigns on high.   He uses HIS people, HIS body, HIS Bride, to be HIS Light to share HIS incredible message of HOPE, GRACE and LOVE for ALL people.  Wow!  He not only saves us but He gives us tremendous purpose in HIS Kingdom!  We want young people to not just know Jesus as “Savior”, but to also know Him as “Lord.”  We want young people to realize that Jesus not only gives “life”, but He truly gives “abundant life.”

God opened doors and provided volunteers to hold the first Mars Hill Acts 17 youth program on January 29, 2011.   As of Feb. 2018, God has continued to provide and bless enabling 44 events to date, each one with volunteers working together uniting resources, time and abilities to encourage youth and share the love of Christ!   To date 1,100+ youth have participated, including 135+ youth not originally in church, representing 140+ churches!  We continue to see many new faces at each event and young people accepting Christ as Savior and Lord.   It’s been life changing and encouraging for all, adults included; a truly humbling, uplifting, and just plain awesome experience!

But we know God is NOT finished yet, and His ways are beyond anything we can imagine. God is our creator without any limit and offers us His gift of GRACE and His SPIRIT, of POWER, LOVE, and SOUND MIND to SAVE us, EQUIP us, overcome fear, and to LIVE BOLDLY with a great PURPOSE!   So let’s continue to work together as His body, His Bride, to reach this next generation as His Light like never before!  Let’s let the Greater one who is in us SHINE GREATER than the one in this world!   Let’s let the youth see His LIGHT above all the noise and chaos in this world.   God is opening doors…   hang on for the ride!  We can’t wait to see what God does next!   By the way, are you ready for God to move in your life?  Give it over to Him and hang on!