Mars Hill Acts 17 Music Ministry


Mars Hill Acts 17 includes a music ministry, known as “The Mars Hill Band,” with both adult and younger musicians and singers working together.    The Mars Hill Band provides music at Mars Hill Acts 17 events; provides music for other events per request; and encourages younger musicians and singers to develop and use their talents for Jesus Christ.

Provides Variety of Christian Music with a Heart of Service

The Mars Hill Band provides a variety of Christian contemporary music genres by popular Christian artists and performs songs with scripturally sound lyrics.   This music ministry prefers not to provide a “performance” but desires to lead in praise and worship with lyrics on projection screen to encourage all to sing along.  All band members are volunteers, preparing and ministering on their own time, to serve Christ.  We want Jesus to be the one who shines on the stage!

Provides Music for Special Events

If you would like the Mars Hill Band to provide music at your special event, or if you are interested in becoming a part of this music ministry, then please contact us here.