Providing Guest Music

In general at each Mars Hill Acts 17 event, a guest music group is scheduled to provide either peppy contemporary Christian music sets (during first half of program) or worship music sets (during second half of program).  The Mars Hill Band, a music ministry of Mars Hill Acts 17, will provide music for the either half as needed.


If you would like to provide guest music or have a recommendation, please contact the Mars Hill Acts 17 Director here.



1. Guest music groups are volunteers and may include adult and/or youth musicians and singers.

2. All music group members must be Christians and active in a Christian, Bible teaching church.

3. Music groups may provide either high-energy praise music and/or provide worship music with lyrics that align with God’s Word and are pleasing to Him.

4. Represent and bring attention to Jesus Christ, not ourselves.  Don’t put on a “show.”

5. Provide lyrics in advance to prepare for projection screens to encourage youth to sing along.

6. Be present and ready 2-3 hours prior to the event for sound checks



Mars Hill Acts 17 provides lighting, sound, mics, stage monitors and drums.  Bass guitar amp and/or electric piano may be provided upon request.   All other needed instruments and gear, such as guitars and guitar amps, must be provided by the guest music group.   Of course we’re just happy to work with a new music group.  We will partner and collaborate on the details and serve Jesus together!