Mars Hill Acts 17 Finances and Donation Box

Any financial support is greatly appreciated to help continue these free youth outreach events.

How to donate:

1. cash donation box is located at the registration table at each event  (not tax deductible)

2. tax-deductible contribution by cash or check; please contact the Mars Hill Director here

3. GoFundMe (not tax deductible)

Mars Hill Acts 17 youth programs are FREE to all participants.   Though the events are conducted by volunteer laborers, there are costs associated with food, advertising, equipment, facilities, giveaways, etc.   We do our best to keep these costs to a minimum while also making sure there’s plenty food for all who come.   So we really appreciate any help from volunteers like you!

Please note youth are not expected to make donations nor do we collect an offering during Mars Hill Acts 17 programs.   We simply want youth to come and enjoy and focus on what God has for them.  However adults, especially if bringing a group, are encouraged to make a fair contribution to at least cover food costs for their group.  Church groups may also help by sponsoring events, food contributions, or with larger financial donations.   Please contact the Mars Hill Director here to help in these ways.