Who May Attend


Mars Hill Acts 17 events are designed for youth ages 12-19.  Younger or older youth may attend ONLY IF with a church youth group or volunteer worker.  However, all youth must be respectful and follow direction throughout the program or they may be asked to sit aside or to leave.  We want everyone to enjoy and have a great time!


Chaperones are encouraged to remain with their youth groups and assist as needed.  Chaperones may be parents, youth leaders, or other adults bringing youth.  Youth with any special needs or medical needs must have an appropriately trained adult chaperone.

Let's Keep it Special for Teens!

The events and Bible themes are designed to address and encourage teenagers. The events should be something special just for teens without the distraction of younger children.   Therefore in general, children younger than 12 are discouraged from attending.  Nursery is not provided.