What is Mars Hill Acts 17?

Mars Hill Acts 17 is a non-denominational youth ministry that conducts periodic, special events to share Jesus Christ with youth and encourage them to live according to His Word.  These events combine the fun characteristics of a Christian concert with the challenging characteristics of a Christian conference to provide something for both Christian youth and those who have never attended church.

Each Mars Hill Acts 17 event includes live Christian music in a fun concert-like atmosphere, dinner/drinks/desserts, games, youth presentations, guest speaker, guest band, a time of worship, and  time of prayer.  Each event includes a Bible-based theme with scripture to challenge Christian youth and a Gospel message for those who don’t know Jesus.   The events are held at different locations across the Fredericksburg and King George, Virginia region with different speakers, bands, games, and Bible lessons to keep the event fresh and provide more opportunity for the Christian community to work together.

Mars Hill Acts 17 is not a church, not a youth group, and is not affiliated with any organization with similar name.  Mars Hill Acts 17 is an act of love; Christian volunteers from local churches working together to conduct these special youth events to reach youth not in church for His Kingdom and to complement the youth ministries of local churches.  Mars Hill Acts 17 provides a fun and supportive atmosphere for Christian youth to fellowship, worship, grow in Christ, and share Christ with their peers.  This youth ministry encourages the Christian community to work together toward the common goal of bringing youth to Jesus Christ and encouraging them to get actively plugged into a local, Bible teaching church.